Would YOU use the plight of the Syrian Refugees as a joke? Ken Wilkinson did.

The internet has been loaded with images of dead children on beaches and many of us are questioning our own country’s response (or lack of it) to this crisis. Nearly a quarter of a million people have signed the Independent’s petition saying that “Britain must accept its fair share of refugees seeking safety in Europe” in 24 hours. This crisis make our problems with fracking and the fracking industry look trivial, at least from an immediate perspective and you would have to be inhuman not to be deeply moved by the plight of those involved. Even George Osborne professed to be “very distressed” when he saw the footage.

For most of us yesterday the mere mention of the words “Syria”, “migrant”, or “refugee” instantly conjured up the complete version this appalling image which was spread far and wide (uncensored) on social media

I doubt anyone with an ounce of compassion would try to make a joke out of the plight of these people, or use that “joke” to support a weak argument but this is exactly what Ken Wilkinson (AKA KenW, KennyWpara etc etc etc) did last night on the latest astroturfing pro-fracking group’s Facebook page


The “like by the way came from the page owner.

When challenged Ken claimed


So perhaps we can all look forward to Paul Merton making us all howl with laughter on the subject on “Have I Got News For You” then?

Or maybe not.

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