Will we ever be able to have an intelligent debate?

I have spent some time over on a Facebook page apparently run by an anonymous group who describe themselves “as a group of UK residents that are backing fracking to create jobs in areas where they are needed most”

Leaving aside the credibility issues they have by insisting on remaining anonymous, it has been interesting to comment on the posts they make and to see the often hysterical reactions that you get if you attempt to have a lucid discussion with them.

I thought it would be interesting to demonstrate what happens if you do try to engage these people in a rational (and polite) debate.

Take a look at this – it shows what we have to deal with


It is a bit hard to have a sensible discussion with people who think saying Thomas the Tank engine and Santa are big backers is amusing, but I particularly enjoyed the final witty and intelligent contribution to the debate from Mr Thornton.

Still at least they haven’t refused to engage at all – Blackpool Fracking For a Better Future refused to let me join their group and banned me when I applied, and FORGE (Friend(s??) of Ryedale Gas Exploration) deleted any (polite) post I made if it didn’t conform to their narrative.

If you ever wonder WHY you may be be having trouble getting a rational response from the pro-frackers you are not alone!


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