Why Osborne and Davey Are Wrong. Very Wrong.

Green MP Caroline Lucas pointed out the potential impact of Ed Davey’s announcement on energy prices, reminding him that the only two nuclear power stations under construction in Europe currently were billions of pounds and years over budget. The only benefit would be to French taxpayers, at the expense of British (EDF, of course, is French nationally owned) – a damning indictment of Britian’s anti-Europe posturing, and one which the UKIP should consider.

She said a Government which really cared about bringing energy bills under control and improving energy security would put its money on renewables where the costs are predictable and falling and agree to recycle carbon tax revenue into a jobs-rich energy efficiency programme, rather than deepening our dependence on gas, where prices are set to keep rising. Going all-out for offshore wind, for example, instead would save £20bn by 2030, create 70,000 more jobs, and lead to both lower climate emissions and lower fuel bills. She pointed out that the UK’s green economy was now worth over £120bn, 9% of GDP, providing nearly a million jobs and generating a third of our most recent economic growth according to the CBI. This had been entirely overlooked by the chancellor.

Opponents of fracking tended to pass off the Budget announcement as expectedly foolish, and said it was business as normal. RAFF said it would only increase their resolve in the Fylde.

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