Why Be Concerned

Why Be Concerned About Fracking In The Fylde?

No Fracking

Halt Fracking Here Please

We believe that horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is an as yet unproven technology without adequate regulation in the UK, which, according to the Precautionary Principal, should be regarded as potentially unsafe until evidence shows it to be otherwise.

It is a relatively new technology. It has only been undertaken using the methods proposed here since 2007.

We believe that it brings a series of risks including :

  • risk of property damage resulting from seismic activity
  • risk of a negative impact on the housing market
  • risk of contamination of water supplies
  • risk of ground and air pollution
  • serious long-term risks to our  health
  • damage to local industries like tourism
  • damage to the quality of our local environment resulting from the required infrastructural developments (Gas pipelines, well pads, access road etc.)

We are not satisfied that the existing regulatory systems are adequate to the purpose of providing a safe and reliable framework within which there is a reasonable certainty that fracking can be undertaken safely.

We do not believe that the limited benefit case for the UK as a whole justifies the potential risks to our local area.

We do not believe that the limited and short term local employment prospects justify the potential risks to our local area

We do not believe that fracking will either result in energy self sufficiency for the UK, nor do we believe that it will have any beneficial effect on wholesale or retail energy prices.

We do believe that fracking may potentially divert the UK from meeting its agreed obligations to climate change mitigation targets, and may divert resources from research and development of renewable energy sources.

We believe that unless all the issues above can be satisfactorily addressed fracking should not be allowed to go ahead, either in exploration or production.

We intend to provide information to support these beliefs on this site so that you can read about the subject and form your own opinions.