Wave 28? Wave Goodbye!

Today saw the publication of the BEIS Wave 28 public attitudes survey. The questions on fracking have remained after going missing in Wave 26, and reappearing in Wave 27 and they make grim reading for the fracking companies.

Support has nosedived to its lowest level ever – the same 13% recorded in September 2017 and opposition is climbing again with 35% against fracking. So nearly three times as many now oppose fracking as support it.

Reason for support and opposition remain similar with the unsurprising exception of “risk of earthquakes” which went from 26% to 40% as a reason to oppose.

A spokesperson for Frack Free Lancashire commented:

The increased opposition to fracking and drop in support comes as no surprise, considering the large number of seismic events which have been experienced since fracking resumed on the Fylde Coast. Fracking’s unpopularity will also have been increased by people’s distaste for the fracking companies’ bully boy tactics as they have tried to browbeat government into changing the regulations governing the seismic traffic light system

Coupled with their failing attempts to persuade Claire Perry to risk her political neck by changing the seismic limits these new polling results must be sending a shiver down the spines of Messrs Ratcliffe and Egan.

With a vanishing social licence their political influence is disappearing faster than the polar ice caps.

Suck it up boys.

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