UKOOG – it’s hard to understand the science when we can’t get answers!

After UKOOG’s embarrassing climb down over their estimates of truck movements on their web sites we asked them for further clarification as we reported here

We sent this email to them

Subject: Vehicle movements
Date: 8 October 2015 14:35:06 BST

Dear Sir

On your web site you have corrected the “truck movement” data so it is less misleading, but you are not clear as to whether a “truck movement” is deemed to be a single or a return journey.

I have checked with the IoD report and with 13,600m3 of water in 30m3 capacity trucks generating 453 “truck movements” it is clear that what you are referring to as a “truck movement” is in fact two journeys. One inbound and one outbound.

I think that most people would understand that as 2 movements so I think you really should clarify on your web site how YOU are defining a movement there so as not to mislead people.

I look forward to your reply

PS Why have you disabled copying from your website? It makes quoting your content next to impossible.

We received no acknowledgement so we sent this email

Subject: Fwd: Vehicle movements
Date: 13 October 2015 16:41:58 BST

Dear Sir

I am somewhat surprised to have received no acknowledgement or reply to this email.

Would you kindly let me know whether you intend to respond to it?

Whilst I a writing can I ask you to address the problematic statement on the same page that

“There are no specific odours associated with shale gas exploration. “

Diesel equipment has a pretty specific smell in my experience, wouldn’t you agree?

We received no acknowledgement so we sent this email

Subject: Fwd: Vehicle movements
Date: 21 October 2015 15:13:09 BST


Is there a special process that has to be gone through before UKOOG respond to an email?

Should I perhaps ask my MP to ask you to respond?

We received no acknowledgement so we sent this email

Subject: Fwd: Vehicle movements
Date: 28 October 2015 12:02:53 GMT
To: Mark Menzies

Dear Mark

I am trying to get some clarification from UKOOG regarding the information on their website regarding fracking truck movements.

I have emailed them 3 times over the last 3 weeks but have not yet received the courtesy of any response whatsoever.

It is all very well UKOOG speaking publicly about women who oppose fracking not being able to understand information, but they fail themselves and us if they won’t even acknowledge polite requests for clarification from interested parties

I wonder if you might be able to persuade them to have a go at responding?

Leaving aside the unprofessionalism of failing to even acknowledge a polite email, this does demonstrate how unwilling OKOOG actually are to share information in a clear and meaningful way with the UK public.

It seems Averilgate was perhaps just “situation normal” for this lobbying organisation. It really is hard for both men and women to understand information when it is deliberately presented in an ambiguous way and they then refuse to clarify or correct it when this is politely pointed out to them.

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