The Tipping Point

Today research commissioned by NERC and Natural Environment Research Council and Economic & Social Research Council showed for the first time that a clear majority of the UK population (56%) are opposed to fracking with only 32% supporting it.

The research also showed that nearly half the population (46%) oppose any loosening of the TLS with less than half that number (22% ) supporting any change to the TLS.

A good analysis of the report can be found here on Drill or Drop.

This industry clearly has no social licence and any claim to the contrary is simply, and now demonstrably, a lie.

On the same morning we read in the Guardian that

Jeremy Corbyn has urged Boris Johnson to ban fracking for gas as research by Labour shows it will stop the UK meeting a net zero target for carbon emissions this century.

This industry’s days are numbered here in the UK.

And next time anyone asks you to justify the claim that the majority of people don’t want fracking here in the UK all you have to do is to point them towards this poll!

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