The press doesn’t know which way to turn this week

Today we learned that a nude model will be being painted by artists in Balcombe. You can just imagine the conflict at the editorial meetings at the Sun as they try to work out how to get maximum photo coverage at the same time as shoring up their proprietor’s investment in Genie Oil & Gas.

That conflict though is as nothing compared to the self destruction being wrought in the comments section of the Daily Telegraph at the news that the Church of England is coming out against fracking. You have to think that the only thing worse than that would be the MCC forming a similar opinion, or the Prime Minister showing he doesn’t know how big a cricket pitch is (what do you mean that happened on Sunday?)

Yes indeed – today the Telegraph published an article entitled “Fracking ‘threatens God’s glorious creation’
The Church of England has told parishioners that fracking causes environmental problems and risks lasting harm to “God’s glorious creation”.”

A spokesman for Blackburn Diocese said that the leaflet was intended to inform parishioners about the complex issues involved in fracking, and not to persuade them to oppose the technology.
“Whilst the Church of England does not have an official line in any of these particular aspects of the debate, it, together with other faith communities, does have an obligation, under God, to bring a different perspective into the debate,” he said.
“This stems from a sincere conviction to take seriously the challenges of caring for God’s fragile creation. To that end, the church believes it has a responsibility to inform its parishioners of these theological and ethical perspectives to enable them to reflect and respond accordingly.”

If you thought Balcombe was just a flash in the pan you ain’t seen nothing yet….

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