The Ludicrous Lord Nimby

We are in awe of the ability of government ministers to put their feet into their mouths with such consistent accuracy. Lord Howell’s gaffes this week are classics of the genre.

Now, one of the accusations that gets levelled at those opposed to fracking in the Fylde from time to time is that we are just “Nimbys”

Fine – We are quite prepared to admit that we don’t want fracking in our back yard – it is a process which will have a hugely detrimental impact on the amenity value of the Fylde for many years to come. To us, opposing it on that basis, whilst the potential benefits to the UK are so uncertain and overhyped, is perfectly logical and to criticise any of us for doing that is to show yourself to be ignorant of the facts.

What we are not though are hypocrites.

Compare our “nimbyism” to that displayed recently the ludicrous Lord Howell who first of all stated that he thought that it would be a mistake to frack the verdant pastures of the South East and that the “desolate” North East would make a more appropriate target. When this, unsurprisingly caused an outcry, he “corrected” himself saying he had really meant the”unloved” North West. Yes really!

And take a look at Dan Byles and his NIMBY opposition to HS2 which (coincidentally) would run through his constituency, whilst he is one of the foremost proponents of shale gas development in the North West. No inconsistency there then eh Dan?

That is what real Nimbyism looks like, and to see it from our politicians is a sad reflection of how low politics in the UK has sunk.

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