The government doing our PR for us on Newsnight?

David Morris MP on Newsnight talking about what he calls the “escavations” (sic) give us this trenchant analysis of Cuadrilla’s safety measures. We think he’s doing his rather uneducated best to talk about triple casings.

“There is evidence there to suggest that Cuadrilla have three triplicate wells, triplicate oil wells, that are actually being lined in triplicate, so how can that affect the aquifire (sic). It doesn’t.”

David Morris MP

David Morris MP

He also interjects “not true!” after Danielle Passard says “even Cuadrilla are saying it will have to significant impact on fuel bills” It’s hard to see how this doesn’t show him to be either ignorant of the subject or a liar, as Cuadrilla have indeed said that very thing. Or is he maybe trying to say that Cuadrilla are not telling the truth. It’s hard to understand much of his John Prescott like language mangling.

Finally he displays a Cameronesque grasp of arithmetic by saying

“By 2030 it’s been estimated that the gas bills will rise by 21%, between now and 2030. Now we’ve got shale gas it’s going to be reduced down to 11%. That’s halving the bill.”

No it’s not David – even if this were true it would be halving the increase not the bill.

Is this really the quality of politician we have to put up with?

Still as long as the government keep putting up this sort of ill informed stooge like this for News programmes they are doing our job for us.

You can watch the interview here

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