That Cyber Attack Part 2

powerAnd this evening (11 Feb) we have the following statement from Cuadrilla

Statement from Cuadrilla regarding the Webcasting

 “At approximately 2.30pm on 10 February 2016 the website ( where the webcasting is hosted for the planning inquiry was not available for viewers.  The issue was found to be with the Internet Service Provider for the website, Heart Internet.  Whilst Heart Internet originally believed it could be the victim of a cyber-attack it then established that whilst engineers were carrying out some maintenance work “a safety warning was triggered which resulted in the shut-down of power”.  The website was up and running again for the public inquiry today (11 February 2016) and recording of yesterday afternoon’s session will be made available at the end of today (11 February) for download by the public. There is a back-up hosting system in place should the website become unavailable again and that information will be made available if required on the Programme Officer’s portal, Cuadrilla and Lancashire County Council websites. Recordings of each session will be made available on  for download at the end of each day the inquiry sits. ”

It’s good to see further evidence of Cuadrila’s ability to manage complex things like sub-contracting a webcast with such a high level of professionalism.

We are very re-assured that after the event the failsafes that should have been in place from the outset were hastily put in place.

How lucky we are  that this kind of mistake will never happen when they come to frack and that they will be far more careful then about ensuring that all of the potential problems are mitigated from the start.

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