Thank you Cuadrilla!

We think we should add our praise to that  lavished on Cuadrilla by Fylde Mayor Coun Heather Speak. They are quite amazing really!

As we can see in the article from the Lytham St Annes Express shown below, Cuadrilla not only damaged the small community area in Treales – they even got a photo opportunity out of clearing up the mess they made! Maybe this is what they mean by creating employment opportunities for local people!

You have to hand it to them the know how to charm our local politicians don’t they? And Mr Jennings looks so much happier here than he did when being quizzed about Health and Safety on TV last months. Bless!

Come on now Coun Speak – whatever happened to your critical faculties?


We know of one local resident who isn’t quite as easily satisfied as Coun Speak.

We understand that the court proceedings relating to trespass on his property in the same survey are now being launched.

Here’s what we saw on Facebook last Friday:

Just received confirmation from my Lawyers that my claim against Cuadrilla has been issued by the Court. I have given them months to settle but they decided to fight me despite their CEO Mark Miller having written and apologised for their trespass to my land. It seems their Solicitors think they know better!

Dear Mark

Further to your instructions, the claim against Cuadrilla has now been issued by the court. We received confirmation of the issue of the claim today and have now sent the claim form to Cuadrilla’s solicitors, by way of service upon Cuadrilla.
The claim will be deemed served on Cuadrilla on 9 January 2013. Cuadrilla will then have to file an acknowledgment of service by 23 January 2013 and, assuming that Cuadrilla does so and confirms an intention to defend the claim, a defence by 6 February 2013.
We will let you know once we receive the acknowledgment of service and the defence in due course. We will also let you know if we receive any offers of settlement from Cuadrilla’ solicitors in the meantime.

Andrew Rogers Senior Solicitor
Real Estate Litigation
DD +44 (0)151 907 3096
M +44 (0)7713 342 445

5 St Paul’s Square Old Hall Street Liverpool L3 9AE
T +44 (0)151 907 3000 F +44 (0)151 907 3030

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