Tarts and mancamps – the reality of fracking

We guess it’s only the Sun which could publish an article proudly illustrated with photos of a couple of tattooed scrawny strippers and and a “man camp” and expect people to be excited about the “benefits” of fracking as a result.

Judge for yourself if this is what you want for the Fylde:


That’s two ludicrous articles on fracking in 2 days from the Sun.

Why would Rupert Murdoch’s empire be trying to curry favour with the government we wonder?

Should we be on stand by for more drivel in the Times as well….

Sadly, if Cuadrilla are an equal opportunities employer some of their staff may not be able to enjoy the same after work “relaxation” as that suggested by The Super Soaraway Sun as the Blackpool Gazette just reported that planning permission for a disabled access lap dancing club has been refused.

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