Support for Fracking Continues to Slide Towards Single Figures

BEIS Wave 23 shows  almost 3 times as many now oppose fracking as support it.

  • Support for fracking at lowest point since the survey began.
  • Only 13% now support fracking.
  • 36% now oppose it.
  • Strong support down to 1%

Today saw the release of the latest quarterly BEIS Public Attitudes survey. This is wave 23. Questions about fracking have been asked since wave 8 in December 2013.

The results will be shocking for the fracking industry who have seen a 27%:21% lead public opinion in 2013 reverse itself into a devastating 13%:36% deficit in just 4 years

Equally devastating must the slide in those claiming to strongly support fracking from 6% in 2013 to a dismal 1% today.

The data set is available here .

There can be no clearer illustration than this  that fracking has no social licence in this country.  This polling is clear evidence that the people of this country do not want this invasive industry and are reacting very negatively to its expensive but unconvincing PR, and the attempts of companies like Ineos to curb our right to protest.

These results come on the back of mainstream media questioning of industry tactics and impacts as we have seen for example on The Wright Stuff and even in the Daily Mail.

The tide of public opinion is now streaming against fracking in spite of the efforts of their PR teams to demonise protesters.

There is only one way for the UK fracking industry to go now and that is down and out.


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