Suffer the little children

It is a well worn tactic by the fracking industry to try to buy local support, and in doing so divide the community.

“Look – we’ll pay for a sports hall. Great Mr Smith – you want it. Oh Mr Brown you don’t, so by opposing fracking you are denying your community a facility.”

Some of you may remember Jessica Ernst from Canada providing examples of this when she visited us in St Annes in 2013, so we fully expected it to happen here too. You can hear Jessica’s analysis of how this process works here –

Anyway it’s an old trick but it seems it’s a perennial.

Cuadrilla though are taking the trick to a new low by using local kids from a junior football team.

cuadrilla kids

We wonder how many parents were asked for or granted permission for their kids to be photographed like this?

So, kids , when you are out and about this Christmas do wrap up well, look out for strange men offering you inducements and keep an eye out for odd blokes with cameras. They’ll be up to no good you know.

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