Stunts that go horribly wrong

In the wake of the car-crash fail that was the Backing Fracking “rally” next to Blackpool Football Club we thought that maybe this hilarious #socialmedaifail video

Should be added to this one

As far as we can tell the only big thing that started on Friday was the lorry carrying twenty people that pitched up at Blackpool Football club.

The Backing Fracking press release had a 22 year old geoscience graduate, Ellie Rylands, (who we think comes from Leeds) claiming

“it’s time that people saw shale gas enjoys support not just from businesses, but also from ordinary members of the community: “Until now, whenever shale gas has been discussed, all we’ve heard are the opinions of the industry and businesses on one side, and anti-fracking campaigners on the other.

“But there are lots of people in the middle that believe shale gas can be extracted safely in this country, and can see how it could create a massive jobs boost for the area, especially for young people like me emerging from college and university.”

… but they blew it by having only a handful of supporters turn up (we counted 30) and then having quotes given to the media by Phil Wilson of Tutis Concepts, James Mansell of Clear Solutions International Ltd and Tim Freshney of WJF Technical Support. All business directors whose business either already get business from Cuadrilla or might expect to if fracking goes ahead. So it rather looked as though the claim that the “rally” was allowing us to hear from “ordinary members of the community” was a deception as these spokesmen are rather obviously representing “the industry and businesses

If there was ever any doubt about whether or not the demonstration really was made up of “ordinary members of the community” it was quickly dispelled by the BBC on Friday when reporter Judy Hobson had this exchange with studio anchor Carol Lowe

LOWE: “Were there any protestors there Judy?”

HOBSON: “Yes there was a demonstration outside, a Pro-Fracking demonstration, it was a group called ‘Backing Fracking’, there were about 40 here today . They were made up mainly of local businessmen, but some had also come from further afield, including James Mansell, whose company is based in Shropshire and he supplies fracking fluid to various companies….


Still – if you do get your supporters up like a Village People tribute act, what can you expect 🙂
Maybe we can look forward to a greater assortment of vehicles next time?


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