Still no answers – we’ll keep trying …

Having had no response from the Cuadrilla Information Line for 5 days we tried again this evening and got Joel’s colleague at PR Company, Lexington Communications – a bright lady called Charlotte who didn’t give her surname. (To be fair I didn’t ask for it).

Apparently I may have to wait for a “matter of days” longer because there are processes and they have to follow to make sure they are getting the right information to me. It’s really great that they are so careful to get things right – perhaps they should make Mr Egan filter all his pronouncements about pad sizes and fracking employment through their office first? Just a thought! It would save us all a lot of time!

She did suggest that if I had any further questions I should email them and seemed quite surprised when I told her that I would have emailed the first lot, if only Cuadrilla published an email address for me to do that with. If anyone else wants to use that channel apparently emails sent to will end up (as if by magic) in front of Charlotte at Lexington Communications. You may have to wait a while for an answer though. They do seem to be very busy.

She didn’t seem very comfortable when I asked if she minded being quoted as saying that they thought not replying for a about a week was acceptable (which she just pretty much had). I for one don’t think that’s really acceptable – I even offered to point them towards the correct documents that specified the size of Cuadrilla’s pad at PNR, in the hope that that might save them some time, but she said locating the documents wasn’t the issue – it was all the verification they had to do. And their procedures.

I’ll await their eventual reply with interest.

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