Still more misleading statements on trucks!

We have blogged recently about UKOOG’s misleading statements about fracking related truck traffic, but we have now found still more examples of totally misleading information about truck traffic

Take a look at Page 8 of the Royal Society of Edinburgh briefing paper here which tells usRSE Tankers

They must have jolly big road tankers in America if the can get 15,000 m3 into one. The UK standard is 30 m3 so 10,000 – 30,000 m3 would require between 333 and 1,000 “tanker volumes”. (unless they are referring to oil tankers maybe???)


This “fact” then gets quoted uncritically by Scottish Energy News here so you can see how this type of misinformation morphs from a silly error (I assume) to received truth. This is why so much of the twaddle we are fed has to be validated!

I will be raising this inaccuracy with the Royal Society of Edinburgh to see what they have to say.


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