Spot the odd one out!

So now we’ve seen the list of speakers at the Inquiry this week. On Tuesday evening we have 7 people who are going to speak in favour of fracking and 30 speaking against. On Thursday we will see 3 speaking in favour and 69 speaking against it.

The list for Tuesday includes the following pro-speakers

James Rudd – NSG Environmental
Michael Roberts – Retired Vicar and general fractivist
Stuart Livesey – Delta Imperial Credit
Jim Harrison – Builder and smallholding owner
Nick Campbell – Inspired Energy
Frank McLaughlin – Retired Commercial Director
Clare Smith – Stay Blackpool

The list for Thursday includes the following pro-speakers

Devon Platt – Geology Student
Paul Linderman – Paul Linderman Lettings
Tony Raynor – Abbey Telecom

Which one of the nine is the odd one out and why?

The answer is international jet-setter Devon Platt as he is the only speaker who does not have (as far as we can tell) a clear and documented connection to the discredited North West Energy Task Force.

Lined up against these industry apologists will be 99 passionate local residents.

Cuadrilla seem as far away from having a social licence to operate as they ever have been.

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