So you think there is no urgency eh?

Well think again!

Here is a timeline from Egdon Resources that shows that they hope to persuade investors that 2016 will be the year when fracking is let loose on the UK


Now there IS a reason behind this optimism – according to the presentation it is taken from they have a “Priority to farm-out the “A” Prospect – 160 bcf gas discovery for 2016 drilling“. They are trying to persuade investors that fracking is not the investment disaster that evidence from the USA suggests it will be.

This chart (note the logarithmic scale on the vertical axis) should make it abundantly clear what their interest in doing so  might be.

The UK government is now actively steamrollering the democratic process, with an announcement yesterday that the Government could decide Cuadrilla’s fracking appeals under new rules.

gone 1Although the percentage of those who oppose the shale gas project in the UK is growing every time DECC does a new survey, there are still many people who are sleepwalking into allowing the UK’s countryside to become a pawn in a financial investment game. A game  where the only winners will be those investors who are canny enough to sell on (farm-out) their investments at the right time.  Our government already appears to have lost its integrity. The rest of us are set to lose something we can never get back when it is too late.

Don’t be apathetic! When it’s gone it’s gone.

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