Signs around Roseacre Wood


We are angry at the vicious, vindictive and vexations action taken by FBC in prosecuting a single individual for displaying anti-fracking signs on his own property, so we went for a drive around the Fylde Countryside. You can see below what we saw in just one village – Roseacre.

You will note that many of these signs are quite large, striking and colourful, and we believe that they have been present for some time, and yet we are not aware of Fylde Borough Council taking any enforcement action against this village or its inhabitants.

Can their action against John Tootill be considered equitable in the light of this? Is the suggestion that this action has been taken now in order to avoid embarrassment when the Planning Inspector visits the sites a reasonable one?

This Facebook slideshow had 7500 views and over 300 shares in 24 hours! People are really not happy about the action being taken against John Tootill!

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