Shock Horror Nazi Fracking Film

To celebrate the fact that both The Blackpool Gazette and The Lytham St Anne’s Express have got themselves worked up into a ludicrous lather about the fact that somebody showed a Downfall parody spoofing fracking, we thought we’d give another airing to our own version.

It’s quite similar to the one which both our local newspapers got themselves over-excited about because they have no understanding of the internet meme that it is part of.

Here is the one that was shown at the meeting.

Funny how the won’t allow comments on the articles – maybe they realised they risked being made to look very foolish indeed if they allowed them?

Rather unbelievably the leader of Fylde council, Coun David Eaves, has described the video as “a disgrace”. We imagine that he hasn’t actually seen it, or that he is simply out of touch with the real world. It is amazing that somebody can be quite so eager to be offended by something so inoffensive. Downfall parodies have even been done in Yiddish for goodness sake!

The press even got Coun Carol Lanyon to comment “From my personal point of view I find it distasteful” she went on to describe it as “tasteless satire”. Again we suspect this says rather more about easy-quote local politicians than it does about satirical parody of an industry set to have a huge impact on the constituents who elect these people.

To put this manufactured outrage into context, Francis Egan of Cuadrilla told me at the consultation in Singleton that, although he hadn’t actually seen the parody, he had been told it was very funny and was looking forward to watching it. Cuadrilla may be dangerous, but at least they have a sense of humour.

What our press and councillors should be getting upset about isn’t satirical comment, but the stark reality of what Cuadrilla are setting up for the Fylde.

Now if Councillor Eaves described that as a “disgrace” he might gain a bit more respect.

And if our local press spent more time investigating the issues in a serious way we’d all be a lot better off.

In case Coun Eaves wants to get himself worked up into another lather, here is a video of a semi-naked woman discussing the merits of fracking. Enjoy Councillor! This one’s just for you! Perhaps you’d better not watch it on a council computer though eh?

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