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Mixed reaction to Cuadrilla fracking survey results
by David Simister

MORE residents support controversial ‘fracking’ operations being carried out near Banks than oppose it – according to a survey commissioned by the firm carrying them out.

Cuadrilla said that the results of a survey it had commissioned BritainThinks to carry out showed twice as many people supported shale gas drilling than opposed it, but the survey has come under fire from anti-fracking groups who have said the study was deliberately weighted and wasn’t a true representation of local feeling.

Francis Egan, CEO of Cuadrilla Resources, said: “There are claims made that Lancastrians are against shale exploration and development, but this research provides a more accurate perspective. We commissioned this survey to increase our understanding of local sentiments about shale gas.

”It’s clear that, while many people support our plans, others either haven’t made up their minds about or want more information. The only way we can earn community trust is through openly discussing all perspectives on shale gas, based on the facts. We will continue our efforts at this kind of engagement.“

The results came after BritainThinks conducted 1,000 telephone interviews with respondents living in Blackpool, Fylde and West Lancashire, the three main council areas in Lancashire where Cuadrilla is currently focusing its operations. According to the results 44% of respondents supported continued shale gas exploration, 23% opposed it, with remaining 33%. undecided. Of those people who expressed an opinion, 65% backed shale gas exploration, while 35% opposed it.

However, anti-fracking groups have hit out at the survey, who criticised it for the 1,000 telephone interviews not being a random sample, due to it being weighted to be more representative of the area’s demographics, and for it not giving more of an opportunity for residents to voice opinions over health and environmental risks.

Fracking opposition group Refracktion said, in a statement, said: ”Given that the two most important and worrying issues in this whole debate revolve around the adequacy of the regulatory environment and potential health impact, we are astounded that a survey that wants to be taken seriously does not mention either of those two issues anywhere.

“That fact alone probably tells us as much as we need to know about it.”

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