Private Eye – The Fracking Issue!

This week’s Private Eye (1347) turns out to be a veritable treasure trove of fracking related content 🙂

I think we can safely say that the fracking issue is “mainstream” now!

We’d love to show you more but we received this today (28 August) and we know how good Private Eye’s lawyers are.


I’ve noticed that you’ve reproduced several of our articles and a cartoon in a posting on your website on 22nd August.

Unfortunately, all this material is subject to copyright and would need permission to be reproduced. Although we often allow the reproduction of cartoons we don’t generally allow the use of any articles from the magazine, therefore, I would appreciate it if you could remove this post as soon as possible.

Please get in touch if you’ve got any queries.

Many thanks.

Lisa Hanley

We do hope they didn’t just read this post though and managed to get as far as the ASA adjudication on Cuadrilla and PPS 🙂

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