OUGO States its Mission

The mission statement of OUGO (Office of Unconventional Gas) was published and confirmed the simple fact that the UK government is absolutely determined to push ahead with shale gas and other unconventional gas and oil development at any cost. The brief included:
“Making the most of our natural resources, Enabling development, protecting the environment and safeguarding the public, Making sure local communities benefit from development in their area, Supporting public engagement, Building our knowledge base.” The order of priorities is significant. Number one, to develop the industry. Last down the line, to develop a policy accumulated through knowledge which is NOT there at the moment.

OUGO signals a fracking disaster waiting to happen. Nothing could be further from precautionary principles, nor can we imagine there is any strategy more incredibly irresponsible than going ahead with shale gas development and learning by mistakes.

This article is syndicated from the http://www.frackingdigest.co.uk/ web site and is reproduced with thanks.

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