Nuclear waste into shale gas wells?

Professor Mike Stephenson publicly ridicules anybody who suggests that government agencies might be looking longingly at spent shale gas wells on the Fylde as potential nuclear waste repositories. I am not a scientist like him, but then I am not reliant on energy industry and government funding like he is either. I am a realist and when I read stuff like this I start to join the dots. Maybe he should too?

“Drilling 5km-deep boreholes at the Cumbrian complex might help – the geology is much more stable that far down – but they could only take a bit of the nastier stuff. Perhaps a shallow, interim repository could be established, as has been done in Sweden. Certainly, Sellafield’s dodgy and dangerous waste storage should be vastly improved – one good thing that might come out of the debacle. But a permanent solution seems as far away as it was a generation ago.”

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