More tangled webs

Further to our article on whether it was advisable for Brian Coope to be involved with the vile Reclaim The Road page / group, we had a bit of a spat with Jim O’Neil (arch profracker) on a local Facebook Group. Jim swore blind that the pottymouthed RTR group was just a body of concerned locals and was not anti-fracking. We were pretty sure at the time that the group was run by Lorraine Allanson (another arch-pro fracker from Yorkshire, so nothing to do with Preston New Road) but as most of those posting hid their identities it was hard to be sure who else was involved.  Anyway we were not exactly surprised to read this today.

So it seems that Bella (who seems to be one of the more decent sorts associated with the Backing Fracking crew) has had enough of the revolting content from fake IDs on that page. Good on you Bella!

Of course her protestations might make a bit more sense if she didn’t have the fake ID troll Brandon Pickles (AKA the BFC) as one of the admins of her new group. A bit more thinking required there maybe Bella?

We’d love to hear how Jim O’Neill explains this PR gaffe away!



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