Mike Hill and the IET

Regular readers may be aware that local engineer Mike Hill was subjected to a protracted smear campaign by pro-fracking activists.

We believe that in making a host of unfounded, unsustainable but ultimately very damaging insinuations against an honest man the pro-fracking activists concerned not only crossed a line into totally unacceptable campaigning, but set a new low in the race for the bottom which has characterised the industry’s PR campaigning in the UK.

Redacted documents released after a subject access request subsequently revealed that the individuals concerned  included  2 Kens  (one from UKOOG) and a Michael. We’ll leave you to guess who they might be, although one of the Ken’s, Ken Wilkinson has proudly admitted his involvement.

You can read more about this sorry and dishounourable tale here: https://www.refracktion.org/index.php/morality-and-integrity-two-things-the-pro-frackers-cant-buy/

We are delighted to say that a confirmation that these smears were rejected out-of-hand was published in December’s issue of the IET’s Member News. It read:


We trust that those involved will be issuing a suitable public apology in the near future.



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