LCC tell the government what they think!

Today, 17 December 2015, there was a meeting of the Full Council of LCC

We understand that the following motion was put to a vote

Agenda Part C – Notices of Motion submitted under Procedural Standing Order 14. 2.1(a)

“1. By County Councillor Steve Holgate:

Lancashire County Council has spent significant time and resources ensuring that the process of determining planning applications on Fracking in Lancashire has been open, transparent and well informed.

The Development Control Committee received evidence and opinion from organisations both in favour of and opposed to Fracking, as well as from local resident groups, local businesses and public health professionals.

Whilst national government is rightly entitled to take a view and determine national policy regarding energy, we believe that the determination of individual planning applications should remain with the County Council as it is best able to consider local planning issues.

The Secretary of State is a member of a cabinet with a clear policy in favour of Fracking and he has made statements in favour of Fracking.

It is therefore inappropriate for him to determine the planning appeals on Roseacre Wood and Preston New Road in Lancashire because of clear evidence of pre- determination.

Lancashire County Council requests that the Secretary of State takes no part in the final determination of the Preston New Road or Roseacre Wood appeal decisions.

Council instructs the chief executive of Lancashire County Council to write to the Prime Minister and Secretary of State informing them of the opinions of the County Council.”

We believe that the motion was carried with

45 for
1 against
18 abstentions

Well done LCC for showing some backbone and setting an example for the rest of the country!

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