It’s another world for the frackers

cakeI’ll leave the erudite Ruth Hayhurst to report on the important goings on at the Enquiry today, but one story that did come out shows that it’s one world for those protesting against fracking and another one for Cuadrilla and their cronies.

We heard today that  Cuadrilla have a hospitality suite inside the football club so presumably have a range of refreshments available to them. However, apparently the public had to go outside to a cafe and check out at two different locations inside the building (and check back in at two locations) and then they were not allowed to bring any drinks back inside. Preferential treatment? Surely not!

Apparently a complaint was made that this was not a reasonable arrangement  and they will now be providing full refreshments for all tomorrow. There were questions raised about the suitability of the arrangements for the disabled. Wheelchair users  had to be wheeled out of the room, down the lift and round outside to the back of the building to the cafe to get a drink – and then they were not even allowed to bring them inside inside! There was a short cut through the hospitality suite but that’s where Cuadrilla were  so they we are told that they were refused access.

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