Is Lancashire being given away by our government?

Over on the stock discussion board “Hot Copper”, investors in Cuadrilla’s parent company AJ Lucas have been getting very jittery as protest slows down developments at Preston New Road.

In an effort to rally the troops one investor has been pointing out what a jolly good deal Cuadrilla have snaffled for themselves here in Lancashire

As shale continues to develop the highest acreage value I have ever heard of is this one. $60,000 per acre!

Which just shows, if it is good shale, with modern technologies, serious value is there to be unlocked.

Cuadrilla had its shale for free. Over 1 million acres.

Even just at Preston new road where the site (including the new admin blocks) now looks to cover about 10 acres (that’s a lot of rugby pitches by the way Francis – about 5!) that’s about half a million pounds worth in total.

It’s great to see that our government is making sure the British tax payer gets a fair deal and that profits won’t just be syphoned out to Cuadrilla’s off-shore owners and investors isn’t it? … er hang on.

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