Gaffe of the fortnight

We’ve been away on holiday but it’s hard to avoid the constant sound of feet hitting mouths even from a few hundred miles away.

Some of our favourites:

  • Lord Howell  and his ill-judged Nimbyism exemplified by his “desolate” North East comments.
  • Lord Howell’s attempts to extricate himself by claiming he really meant the “unloved” North West.
  • Francis Egan’s comment that he lives in the North East and it doesn’t look desolate to him (He actually lives in Cheshire).
  • Michael Fallon’s ill-judged comments about how fracking will set the walls shaking in the rectories owned by the Southern journalists who were supporting fracking.
  • David Cameron’s demonstration of his fine grasp of detail with his claims that each development well would generate 10 times the bribe actually being proposed (£1 million not £100k.)
  • How do you choose between all this evidence of a government and industry fast losing control of the narrative it has been carefully trying to weave for 2 years?

    Well we think the “howellers” must win, even if only for demonstrating the truth of the old advice “when you find yourself deep in a hole, stop digging”.



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