Fylde Police you are a disgrace

Taking part in the Police Liaison Meetings between Fylde Police and the protesters I have had several conversations with Chief Inspector Keith Ogle regarding the wisdom or otherwise of allowing comments on their Facebook Page posts about traffic on the A583.

Without exception he has agreed every time that allowing the hate speech which seems to the stock in trade of the pro-fracking attack dogs is inflammatory and should not be allowed.

His standard reply seemed to be “I’ll have that all day John, I’ll have a chat with them“. Nothing ever changed of course.

I gave up trying to get the police to monitor their own Facebook page when it became apparent that Mr Ogle’s comments were just public relations and he didn’t really mean to do anything about the situation.

Today I visited the page for the first time in a while and was disgusted to see the posts that Lancashire Police seem to believe it is appropriate to leave on there.

An example of the childish but hate-filled drivel posted is this

The comment about the droid is a particularly nasty reference to the disability of one campaigner who is confined to a wheelchair.

It is really concerning that on the Facebook page of an organisation that claims to have a policy of valuing difference and inclusion they allow people to post hateful material aimed at a disabled protester in a wheelchair. Here is another example

It doesn’t really matter that we all now exactly who the sick individual is who is behind the multiple accounts that spew out this infantile drivel.

It doesn’t really matter that Fylde Police are also well aware of the identity of this person and have visited him to warn him that his social media activity is on the verge of criminality.

What does matter is that Fylde Police are providing him with a platform and are demonstrating to anyone who cares to look that their claim to have a commitment to “Eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation, and any other conduct that is prohibited under the Act” is demonstrably a sham.

It’s not as if this hasn’t been brought to their attention by other people

Whoever manages this page should be bloody well ashamed of themselves. Your Facebook page is a cesspool of hate speech.

The police need to visit this gentleman again and advise him to seek some help, but they also need to take urgent action on something which makes them look at best incompetent and at worst to be colluding in  promoting hate speech and harassment.

Post Script:

22 October 2018 –  A local councillor pointed out on Facebook

It’s funny when the Road at PNR has a contraflow in place, Fylde police put a fb post up about it.
Warton this morning has two Rd closures in place that will impact traffic flow across the Fylde and not a word about it ?
Stay safe people, it’s going to be crazy this morning 😱

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