Fracking report author joins Centrica

Regular readers may recall that we were not impressed by the claims made by Corin Taylor of the IoD in a Cuadrilla sponsored report on shale gas opportunities.

In this report he claimed that fracking would lead to 74,000 jobs being created.

We asked him how he got to this figure and then analysed his logic. We explained by email why we thought it was flawed but he refused to respond. We asked MP Dan Byles (who wrote the forward to the report) for his comments. He engaged with us until it became clear that we were not accepting his insubstantial response as you can see here:

He then stopped answering.

When we pressed him on Twitter he blocked us.

Anyway, we were most amused to read that Dan’s friend Corin recently sent this to his email contacts :

I wanted to let you know that I will be leaving the IoD to join Centrica Energy, heading up research for the communications team. I’m very excited to be joining at such an important time for the energy industry.

Centrica own 25% of Cuadrilla’s Lancashire licence.

So, that leaves only 73,999 jobs left to find and at least he’ll be amongst friends in his new job!

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