Fantastic Support for Cuadrilla’s Planning Permission

It is heartening to see the support offered to Cuadrilla’s planning application 05/12/0729 by The Windmill Youth Group.

With over 80 letters of objection received so far we were impressed that a youth group stood out against the rising tide of objection with a heartfelt paean to the employment “benefits” that Cuadrilla will bring to the local area.

Date: 17th January 2013
This project by Cuadrilla has my full support. The Windmill Youth Group has 60 Young members between the ages of 14 and 25. The purpose of the group is to prepare those youngsters for good-quality employment within the local community, especially top standard apprenticeships leading to highly skilled employment.
The group has the future of the natural environment both nationally and internationally at its core. We are very actively involved in projects concerning those issues.
So it goes without saying that we have observed and studied Cuadrilla’s activities locally and worldwide very closely, taking into account the pros and cons. As a result, I have no objections to the company’s activities in our area from an environmental standpoint.
I can also see that industrial activity on the scale can only enhance the future job prospects for both the young people and their families.
In consequence please bring to the notice of the appropriate authorities that I fully support Cuadrilla’s application.
Yours sincerely
Stuart Sykes
Windmill Youth Group

It shouldn’t have taken them too long to study Cuadrilla’s activities worldwide should it? :-). Now, can we be certain that this letter of support would have been sent on 17th January 2013 even if Cuadrilla had not promised the group a donation of £6,000, which was apparently presented shortly before?

Very Good News !
Through the efforts of CB.
He arranged a Snows visit for a representative of Cuadrilla the ‘Fracking’ Company. The representative was very impressed with the site and by all the efforts put into it by the Windmill Youngsters. As a result they have promised Snows £6000 to be presented to the Windmill Youth Group, to donate to the Snows Rebuilding Programme early in January.
Well done CB

Wednesday 16th. 6pm-7pm.Training
We also have a presentation at 7pm to the HSE UK Director of Cuadrilla who made a donation of £6000 to financially support Snows Heights. A donation for which we are most grateful.

Well done indeed!! Gratitude is a fine thing!

We are also sure that, long term, Mr Sykes’ assessment of “both the young people” having jobs in the fracking industry will be about right.

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