Energy Bill Published

The Energy Bill was officially unveiled today. There is a report at

You can view the text of the bill here

Given the almost primordial importance accorded by Messrs Osborne and Hayes to shale gas fracking, it seems quite amazing to us that, in the entire 195 pages of the Energy Bill, whose aim is stated as :

To make provision for or in connection with reforming the electricity market for purposes of encouraging low carbon electricity generation or ensuring security of supply; for the establishment and functions of the Office for Nuclear Regulation; about the government pipe-line and storage system and rights exercisable in relation to it; about the designation of a strategy and policy statement; for the making of orders requiring regulated persons to provide redress to consumers of gas or electricity; about offshore transmission of electricity during a commissioning period; for imposing further fees in respect of nuclear decommissioning costs; and for connected purposes.

the words “Shale”, “Fracking”, “Hydraulic”, “Fracturing” and “Bowland” do not appear even once.

You could almost be forgiven for thinking that there IS no policy to impose shale gas fracking on the Fylde Coast!

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