Do we really look THAT stupid?

“BPC (Balcombe Parish Council) criticised Cuadrilla for using a Market Research Company that had conducted a survey in the village and had been disingenuous with parishioners about who had commissioned them and the purpose of the survey. Cuadrilla said if this happened this was against the instructions given to surveyors and gave assurances that they would not undertake another survey in the village without notifying the BPC. ”

And from Radio 4 today

“I mean Cuadrilla has to back up everything it says. It has to justify itself to the Health & Safety Executive, the Environment Agency. er. People can say lots of other claims about it and don’t have to back it up. I don’t accept that.”

Mr Egan – either you have no control over what your company is doing or you think we are idiots. Or maybe it’s both.

Your problem is that we are not idiots and we will not accept your glib PR spiel because we can see what you are really doing here.

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