DECC Wave 17 shows opposition to fracking is steadily rising

It seems that the Backing Fracking bandwagon is running out of steam in spite of the massive PR effort from the government and the fracking companies.

DECC’s public attitude tracker has now reached Wave 17.

Results from polling in March show that more people were opposed (31%) to fracking than supported it (19%).
This continues the trend that we have seen since the question was first asked in Wave 8 (December 201) as you can see in this graph which must make very worrying reading for those who are trying to push fracking onto unwilling local communities

DECC wave 17

The differential between supporters and opposers has never been greater and the direction of travel does not favour the pro-frackers.We still have some way to go before we see a repeat of the US Gallup poll which showed more than 50% opposition but looking at that graph it can only be a matter of time.

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