DECC Wave 15 shows significant increase in opposition to fracking

DECC released the results of Wave 15 of their opinion tracker. Since Wave 8 (December 2013) they have been tracking public support or opposition to fracking.

Over those two years the situation has shifted radically as can be see from this graph:

Decc Wave 15 graph

Over these two year we have seen support decline from 27% to 23%  (a 15% decrease) whilst opposition has gone from 21% to 30% (an increase of 43%)

The progression shows that this is not a blip but a continuing sea change in the way in which fracking has been perceived, at the same time as  awareness has increased from 42% of those responding to 77% of those responding. It really does seem to be true that the more people know about fracking the less they like it.

DECC Wave 15 table
The fracking companies will no doubt be keen to point out that there is a 2% rise in their own support, but that rise is not seen as statistically significant, whereas the 3% rise in opposition is, as can be seen above.

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