Death threats? Really?

Back in August we read with amazement that Francis Egan of Cuadrilla had had death threats made to him These claims were of course widely publicised in the Mail, Telegraph, Independent and Guardian. Even The Sun got in on the act although they probably had to illustrate the article with a picture of a pole dancer – we’ll never know the answer to that as we refuse to pay £1 to see their drivel. Just key “Francis Egan Death Threat” into Google to get an idea of the furore it caused.

We were of course very concerned for him. No, we really mean that. Nobody should have to suffer that, but we did have a nagging doubt or two that we thought could easily be satisfied.

We emailed Mr Egan twice (3rd August and 9th August) to ask him to confirm the date when these threats were received, and when and to which police force he reported them ?

On both occasions he declined to respond. I think we can assume 6 weeks later that he isn’t going to.

Far be it from us to suggest that he was making this up, but how hard would it have been to answer that question?

If he reads this and wants to put us straight we’ll gladly publish his response. As we have said, we would in no way condone such a thing.

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