Cuadrilla’s scoping document for an EIA

Cuadrilla have submitted a scoping document to LCC. In this document they define what they believe should be included in and, rather importantly excluded from any Environmental Impact Assessment that they are made to undertake.

So what did Cuadrilla want to exclude?

Socio Economic Impacts;
Landscape and visual assessment;
Climate change;
Agricultural considerations.

Scoping Report

The following elements of the Fylde Borough Council local plan would suggest that these matters are indeed important enough to be worth consideration.

SP02 Development in countryside areas
EMP4 Buffer zones for industrial development
EP27 Noise pollution

as would these elements of the Lancashire County Council Minerals & Waste Local Plan 2006 (saved policies)

2 – Quality of life
3 – Buffer zones
5 – Environmental and other benefits
8 – Trees, woodlands and hedgerows
16 – 19 – Nature conservation issues
21 – 24 -Water resources and flooding
26 – 30 – Archaeology
31 – Public rights of way
37 – Strategic road network

The suggestion that somehow LCC have let the off the hook here at Anna’s Road with a previous screening opinion for Becconsall is dealt with here

We believe Cuadrilla are showing some of their true colours at last here.

How they think they can treat the issues listed above with such obvious contempt is beyond comprehension. They must not be allowed to get away with this. Please ensure that you contact LCC to make your feelings known

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