Cuadrilla’s incredible shrinking supply chain Part 2

Back in April we noticed that Cuadrilla had failed to issue and update in 2017 Q1 as promised, and commented that we’d noticed an apparent reduction in the number of companies claimed to be registered on the supply chain portal.

On 31st May Cuadrilla finally released an updated “quarterly” tracker (that’s a full five months into 2017) covering the period to 31st March.

Aside from the interesting increase in community funding, which still doesn’t seem to be winning them many friends, the most striking difference is indeed the downward trajectory of their supply chain portal registrations.

For this to be the case presumably 283 business must have actively de-registered between 1st December and 31st March.

Perhaps the local business community is starting to see that the leprechaun’s pot of gold at the end of the fracking rainbow is not worth chasing after all?

If Cuadrilla would like to offer any alternative explanation we’ll be happy to publish it here.

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