Cuadrilla will not drill at Anna’s road until 2014

Reported in the LEP last night:

The company behind Lancashire’s controversial ‘fracking’ industry has put its exploration plans on hold until next year.

Cuadrilla Resources has revealed it will not carry out hydraulic fracturing at the site at Anna’s Road, near Lytham, until 2014 as it puts together an environmental impact assessment.

It goes on to say

“Cuadrilla chief executive Francis Egan denied the delay at Anna’s Road showed the company was bowing to pressure from environmental groups.”

Well he’s right in a way – it’s pressure that protestors in general (not just “environmental groups”) have placed on local councils who will hopefully be insisting on a proper EIA.

The good news is tempered by a bit of typical Cuadrilla bluster though

The company has also revealed it is looking to create “a handful” of new sites where it will drill horizontal wells deep under the countryside which it will ‘frack’.

Of course they will probably have to be a bit more specific at some point won’t they? LOL

We think you should try to imagine that phone conversation where Francis Egan had to tell his investors about this new 12 month delay.

Now try to stop smiling.

Perhaps we can now see why Lord Browne was throwing such a hissy fit about how much money he’s prepared to throw at this yesterday in the Guardian

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