Cuadrilla CEO admits Fracking will not transform our economy

Francis Egan

Francis Egan

A rather unconvincing sounding Francis Egan was interviewed alongside Tony Juniper former head of Friends of the Earth on the Sunday Politics at about 11:30.

It will be on the BBC Iplayer here

As we have now learned to expect Mr Egan came out with the usual platitudes and soundbites but he was forced onto the back foot towards the end of the interview by Andrew Neil and was forced to admit on air that:

“I don’t think it will transform the UK economy, certainly in the short term, in the way that it has in the US”

You heard it right from the horse’s mouth. This is not an industry which will live up to all the hype about “game changing” impacts that we have heard over the last year or so, and even Cuadrilla’s CEO admits it.

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