Congratulations to Professor Mike Stephenson

We were delighted to read today that tousle haired, Dr Brian Cox wannabe, Professor Mike Stephenson has won a promotion!

Regular readers will remember that Professor Stephenson of the British Geological Survey (BGS) is the one who likes to have a little joke about how people who are opposed to fracking are silly enough to worry about earthquakes and volcanoes. He also enjoyed a little laugh about how silly it was to worry about compressibility of shale. (We have been told that DECC have now told the BGS to do some testing on this, so maybe the joke is on him after all!)

Anyway today he has been promoted to Director of Science and Technology at the BGS. We do hope that his promotion will instil a bit more gravitas. It is very tiresome to see somebody in such a position having his ideas, which belittle the genuine concerns of local people, made into puerile cartoons that end up on Cuadrilla’s web site as PR sound bites.  That’s not really in keeping with the role of Director of Science and Technology at the BGS in our opinion.

Maybe he will also do some more homework before appearing in public in his new guise. By all accounts people weren’t very convinced by his highly polished but rather shallow presentation in Lancaster recently.

Anyway to celebrate his recent eminence the BGS have released 3 photos of the great man for the press to choose from.

Dr Brian Coxalike

Spot the difference?

Spot the difference? We can’t  – we think he looks just as pleased with himself in all of them.

As Dr Brian Cox once sang “Things – Things can only get better”


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