Community “Benefits” Create Conflict of Interest

Letter sent to Lancashire County Council Development Control

Dear Sir / Madam

I am concerned by proposals that according to UKOOG proposals (which appear to be supported by central government) fracking companies would pay 1% revenues “allocated approximately 2/3rd to the local community and 1/3rd at the county level”.

As decisions on planning applications will be made at the county level (i.e. by LCC planners) any  acceptance or approval of this proposal by LCC (or indeed any indication of approval by any individual  councillors) will create a clear conflict of interest when county level planning / development committees come to determine any future planning applications from fracking companies.

Furthermore it would seem that any planning committee councillor supporting the potential “benefit”  will, in doing so, be indicating a clearly pre-determined opinion on any application and will thus be barred from voting on any related planning applications.

Would you be kind enough to confirm whether or not my reading of the situation is valid?

It will be interesting to see how they respond

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