An invitation to Francis Egan of Cuadrilla

The following invitation was extended to Mr Egan in a letter in the Blackpool Gazette and the Lancashire Evening Post by local  geologist Trina Froud.

Dear Sir,

We have recently had the opportunity to question the regulators, and this week brings the British Geological Survey, who are carrying out some environmental monitoring in Lancashire and Yorkshire. But what is missing, and has been for a long time, is the opportunity to talk to Cuadrilla.

And we residents have lots of questions :

  • Why is the pad at PNR so very much larger than you said ?
  • Do you now intend to drill two laterals from a single vertical well as implied in The Guardian?
  • What environmental monitoring do you intend to do at PNR, how long for and will the results be public?
  • Did the lack of flowback at stage 1 at Preese Hall, contribute to the 2.3 tremor in the frack stage immediately following?

And that’s just for starters !

Mark Miller, the previous CEO of Cuadrilla, was prepared to meet the public, he held roadshows, invited people to the rigs and in 2012, he appeared on a Question Time panel in St Annes chaired by our MP – the hall was packed.  Mike Hill CEng MIET, is a resident of St Annes with more than 20 years experience of the oil and gas industry, Mr Miller welcomed him to the rigs at Preese Hall and Singleton, and Mike was on that QT panel too.

Mr Egan knows what he plans for the Fylde, and Mike Hill has a good idea of what has happened. I read in your paper last week a letter explaining that Mr Hill has been completely exonerated by his professional body, of various accusations made against him.  In other words he can be trusted to give an independent professional viewpoint.

So, this is a public invitation to Mr Egan, to appear with Mr Hill, engineers both of you, to answer our questions.

I can guarantee that the hall will be packed – Mr Egan, will you debate the issues with Mr Hill ?  For what possible genuine reason would you refuse?” I do not think there is one. The public deserve this debate. Are you game ?


T Froud


We look forward to learning how confident Mr Egan is in his ability to make a case for his operations here in the Fylde. Over to you Francis!

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