52% oppose fracking in poll in national newspaper

The Sun ran a poll asking if readers were in favour of fracking. After two days of saturation coverage offering readers visions of riches beyond their wildest dreams and lapdancers agogo – or should that be akimbo? – they announced the result rather prematurely here:



“A poll we ran found almost three-quarters of you were in favour of mining the massive reserves — using technology known as fracking — which lie under many parts of the country.

Sun fracking poll results

Sun readers signalled, “We’re backing fracking” by 71 per cent to 29 per cent after experts estimated there are 1.3trillion cubic feet of gas lying buried between Blackpool and Scarborough.”

Unfortunately the Sun’s rather excitable ejaculation was somewhat premature as some of the reader’s wives seem to have noticed that the major beneficiaries of fracking, according to the article, appear to be sex workers.

The final result of the poll showed

Sun Poll result

Sun Poll result

The Sun evidently weren’t very happy with this so now it shows

Sun Poll - oops!

Sun Poll – oops!

You don’t always get what you wish for do you? 🙂

Here’s a quick glimpse of how the Sun sees news coverage (or uncoverage) from the poll result page

Serious News

Serious News


If you ever wondered about the cynicism of the Murdoch press, just look at today’s Sun which repeats the lie that 71% voted for fracking, when in fact it was 52% against.

Lying in the Sun

Lying in the Sun

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