100% scumbag – that’s despicable old me!

despicable-me-movie-clip-screenshot-the-greatest-villain_largeI have just been treated to the amusing experience of being told by Backing Fracking that I am “despicable” as, according to him/her (they remain resolutely anonymous like most industry shills) I am responsible for a well known fracking supporter being “sacked”. I hadn’t realised how powerful this site is!

In fact Katharine Blythe wasn’t sacked (as Backing Fracking libellously suggests), she resigned from her job because she sailed a bit too close to the wind and her close affiliation to Backing Fracking allegedly lost her company a contract . It does show you need to be careful who you get close to – especially if your job requires you to remain objective. This was even recognised by one of Backing Fracking’s followers who responded thus:

We like Katharine – she is a rational person who was able to argue her case effectively, and we take no pleasure in her problems, but I’m sure even she would not claim that a Tweet saying “Dr Lantern I presume” with a photo of her arriving at a Backing Fracking “rally”  was responsible for her employment woes. She is honest and intelligent enough to know and admit where the blame actually lay. However, today Backing Fracking raked it all up again in an effort to distract attention from some accusations of nasty trolling and bullying that he or she wasn’t very comfortable with. (I’m sure Katharine will be absolutely delighted to have yet more Google links created about her problems by her “friend”)

You can indeed see me “hiding” there right behind the huge Defend Lytham banner. I believe it must be what they call “hiding in plain sight“. In fact I took several photos from right next to the “rally” so our friends at Backing Fracking must be pretty unobservant if they didn’t notice me with my camera there. Perhaps they were intent on not being spotted so they were not identified as industry shills by investigative journalists themselves?

Anyway, Backing Fracking’s tame acolyte Ken Wilkinson leaped in to wiggle the knife he thought might be in a wound.


Now then – Ken did indeed send me a whine about the fact that I referred to the town he lives in in several posts where I pointed out that he was not local. Here is his self-centred rant


Some months later I am still waiting for that contact from the police he promised me.  Of course I didn’t reveal his address or phone numbers (mobile and home) all of which are readily accessible on the web to anyone who wants to find them, but in his eyes the fact that I even revealed the town he lives in makes me a “100% scumbag

How then are we to judge an individual who not only provide links on-line to the addresses and phone numbers of people who he is trying to bully into allowing them to paraglide where they wish, but who obviously finds doing so hugely amusing (Tee hee!)


There really doesn’t seem to be the same  concern for the families of these trustees as he has for his own does there?

I think this makes Ken Wilkinson look like the pottiest of pots calling the kettle black, don’t you? 🙂

And as for Backing Fracking – well what sort of person anonymously retweets details of where somebody’s kids live (away from their father) just because he disagrees with what the father says? (I have obscured the details of the Tweet by the Twitter troll previously known as Regress KFC here)


By Ken Wilkinson’s logic his friend Backing Fracking must be at least 100% scumbag. We couldn’t possibly disagree.

Still , never let it be said that Backing Fracking lacks the courage of his or her convictions, or doubts their ability to defend their position.



oh – hang on …. LOL


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