Welcome to the Refracktion website

This site was created to provide clear, focused and useful information on the subject of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas on the Fylde Coast.

Whether you are coming to this issue for the first time, or you are already well informed but are keeping up with the developing story of fracking on the Fylde you will find stimulating and challenging material here.

What is the current position of www.refracktion.org on the issue of fracking?

Well, Refracktion is not convinced by the benefits case being peddled by Cuadrilla, Ineos and the rest of the fracking companies, and is very seriously concerned that the regulatory framework is currently inadequate.

Refracktion believes that:

  • fracking would have inevitable negative impacts on our local environment and its amenity value
  • fracking would have inevitable negative impacts on our local tourism and agricultural industries
  • fracking is incompatible with the UK’s obligations for climate change mitigation
    Under no circumstances should fracking be allowed to go ahead without proper regulation
  • proper regulation cannot be framed before rigorous science-based studies of environmental, human health and economic impacts have been completed.
  • these studies have not been completed in any meaningful way
  • as a result fracking must not be allowed to go ahead in the current circumstances.

Refracktion’s most recent articles:

  • Desperate Times …
    With Liz Truss’s backing fracking policy in disarray, the industry is starting to realise that that its reprieve might be rather short lived, so we are seeing a concerted (if not very successful) attempt to influence public opinion by pushing the usual buttons. Charles McAllister of industry mouthpiece UKOOG has...
  • The Lozza and Ken tag team is back!
    Ever since we learned that the moratorium on fracking might be lifted we’ve been wondering when we’d have the pleasure of hearing Lorraine Allanson and Ken Wilkinson performing their shameless double act again. Listening to Tom Swarbrick on LBC yesterday we finally got to hear them both again when they...
  • Assessing local support for fracking – a problem in search of a solution.
    So Mr Rees-Mogg’s definition of local support might not be quite the same as that of most local people. After all compensation is not consent
  • Mark Menzies asks some pertinent questions
    Today Mark Menzies was interviewed by Radio Lancashire and asked some very pertinent questions about local consent for fracking and how it might be measured. It’s worth a listen. Please share! … Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linkedin Related Posts:Liz Truss Struggles To Explain Local ConsentWelcome to the new,...
  • Net Zero Watch are on shaky ground
    Net Zero Watch (a retread of The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) are not usually particularly transparent, particularly when it comes to their sources of funding as we can see here: Their motives though are though quite transparent when it comes to some of their “demands”. After all, we know...
  • Liz Truss Struggles To Explain Local Consent
    This morning Prime Minister, Liz Truss, gave a series of car crash interviews on BBC local radio stations. Quizzed by Graham Liver on BBC Radio Lancashire, she struggled to explain what she meant by local consent and why she felt fracking should go ahead here in Lancashire. During the short...
  • Why the seismic traffic light system must not be relaxed for UK fracking
    The TLS is needed, but it is not fit for purpose and needs to be tightened up not relaxed! We last addressed this issue back in February 2019 when the fracking industry was desperately lobbying government to allow them to carry on regardless of the induced seismic activity that everyone...
  • More Numberwang
    In yesterday’s Sunday Express an open letter from a number of the usual suspects (Brexity types turned climate change mitigation avoiders) like Tim Martin and Lance Forman claims: The United Kingdom has enough natural gas to take back control of our energy policy at least until we have developed nuclear...
  • Igas solve the energy crisis!
    (More industry fluff!) We were tremendously excited to read in the Igas Full Year Results released on 6th April that they believe that UK shale gas will not only solve the UK energy crisis but will also deliver massive export potential. They tell us that 5 pads with just 16...
  • Pollarise everyone
    The tactics of Net Zero Watch, the shadowy group of Brexity climate change denying MPs and lobbyists hit a new low today. The results of a new poll were released in the Sun on Wednesday 6th April. Strangely the paper didn’t mention who had commissioned it, but it soon became...